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After a long and plentiful season, summer has started to fade and autumn has taken its place.

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If you haven’t started feeding our little feathered friends as of yet, autumn is a good time to start. Birds will start to scout out which gardens will be feeding them during winter when food becomes much harder to find.

If you have been feeding your birds throughout the year, then you can be sure that the birds will know where to flock to when the temperature starts to drop. Birds learn where their food source is and it’s always nice to know that your garden is first on their minds when they’re feeling a little “peckish.”

Birds seem to be extra hungry during autumn – you may be wondering why, if there is still enough food around? Well, just how endurance runners carbo-load, birds load up on high energy foods to ensure that they gain some body fat to help them in the winter months.

Elaine’s Bird Grub (see products) is a very good supplementary food stuff for birds. It is completely natural with no preservatives, it

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contains very high energy ingredients, enabling birds to “go further” which is especially necessary in winter when searching for food becomes harder for our little friends.

So, if you haven’t started feeding the birds yet, don’t panic – just start! If you have been feeding them all along, good for you -carry on! If you have never fed the birds, its time for you to give Elaine’s Birding a visit 🙂

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# tip 1: Always remember that water is an all year round essential! Birds need fresh water daily for drinking and bathing.

# tip 2: Don’t over-feed! Although birds need MORE food in Autumn and winter, too much food will cause them to waste.

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