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It is all about passion!

Elaine’s Birding started as a passion for birding. Her artistic ability enabled her to design and create bird feeders and bird related products. Her deep concern for the well being of garden birds, inspired her to produce her famous “Bird Grub” . She had studied the birds in her garden and developed a unique recipe to feed garden visitors all year round. This high energy suet for wild birds supplement was the first and original of its kind in South Africa and through the immediate popularity of response, a business was born. She believes looking after wild birds and other wildlife promotes a passion for conservation for all creatures. Taking time out from the hussle and bussle of our busy lives just to enjoy birds in the garden “feeds your soul” somewhat! Due to the urbanisation of the surrounding areas birds have fewer places to find food. Elaine concluded that by formulating a quality supplementary feed she would be able to encourage a greater variety of garden visitors. Through trial and error Elaine created and perfected a formulation over a period of years.

Thus Elaine’s Birding & Wildlife Products was established. It aims to encourage people to enjoy nature on their doorsteps and to appreciate the special avian blessings that we have in Africa. Yet the famous “Bird Grub” spawned many other products to feed birds in the garden and keep them coming back.

We are proud to say that all products that we design and produce are hand crafted in South Africa. Elaine’s products have not only changed the lives of bird lovers, but also changed the lives of the people she employs, providing them with employment.

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